• Highest trafficked mammal

What is the World’s highest trafficked mammal you have never heard of?

In the past 10 years, poachers have killed 1,000 Tigers, 11,000 Rhinos and 1 million pangolins (source: https://www.savepangolins.org/).
Pangolins are being driven to extinction, however you can make a difference and here is how.

So, what is a Pangolin?

Pangolins are shy and elusive creatures, sometimes confused with an anteater.
Although it is estimated that Pangolins have been on the earth for over 40 million years, getting a glimpse of a Pangolin in the wild is a rare occasion.

Most regular bush lovers have never seen one, yet they are the most trafficked mammal in the world. Pangolins protect themselves by curling up into an impenetrable ball. Their armour consist of overlapping scales, which is scientifically proven to contain no medicinal value, yet this is the key reason why Pangolins are sought after in the East.

There are eight different pangolin species in the world, with four in Africa and four in Asia.

Eye of the Pangolin

To raise awareness of this beautiful creature, the team at Pangolin.Africa have teamed up with the co-Director of BLOOD LIONS to bring you the story of the African Pangolin.

The film, Eye of the Pangolin, is now available free to all to watch and share. We look at the journey of two men who explore the ends of Africa to find the elusive and endangered species – the African Pangolin.

We expose the illegal wildlife trade, look at those special individuals who are investing their lives into pangolin conservation. Our goal, to make this the most viewed documentary, ever.

Watch the film now and help save a species: https://www.pangolin.africa/the-film

See it. Share it. End wildlife crime.